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Hatem Ben Arfa: “Today, I do not accept my situation.”

Speaking on his Facebook page, Hatem Ben Arfa demanded that PSG give him an opportunity to prove his worth to the club.

“I am not demanding anything, not playing time, not a specific position. All that I want is to be given my chance. I want to feel like there is competition in this team. I am a competitor, I am a champion. In my head, I love to win. It is difficult to accept to be a substitute. You can accept being on the bench if it is temporary, or if things can be turned around. Instead, it is like it was a punishment. If I am given my chance, and I do not do well, I will leave on my own accord. I would understand. Today, I do not accept my situation. It would be terrible to accept this. I will not give up. Up until the end of the season I am going to try to force my destiny.”



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