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Jean Michel Aulas gives more details on Memphis Depay deal

Speaking exclusively to RMC, Lyon President Jean Michel Aulas discussed the imminent arrival of Dutch winger Memphis Depay from Manchester United.

“It was a dream, because he corresponds exactly with the player we were looking for. In addition, he has a certain panache. It is true that José Mourinho did not play that much, so there was an opportunity that we took when we negotiated with the representatives of Manchester United. For the moment, we are in agreement in principle but we still need to write the contract up, which is a bit complicated because there are a fair amount of bonuses. It was big operation, because it will be worth around €16.5m plus €8m in bonuses. This is a big investment. Manchester bought him from PSV for €34m plus €8m. I believe that a certain amount of the bonuses are due to PSV following a transfer. There is a whole load of literature to be written and that is what is happening between both clubs at the moment. But we are used to working with Manchester United, they are a very structured club who, generally, stick to their word. We worked with them for the arrival of Rafael, a little while earlier. It is in progress, but I think it will require another 48 hours for him to be registered.” 




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