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Jean Michel Aulas: “I want Alexandre Lacazette to stay now.”

Speaking to reporters following the Women’s Champions League Final, Lyon President Jean Michel Aulas reacted to the news of Atletico Madrid’s transfer ban which will likely prevent them from signing Alexandre Lacazette.

“Today, unfortunately, things are not possible. We will have to meet with Alex again, but he knew that this could happen because he said in an interview that he might stay. Obviously, this puts things a little in place, even if in football, things are never definitively finished. We will have to see what will happen in the future, but today the decision to let Alexandre go is now under scrutiny. I would prefer that he stays. In the context of our competitiveness and our desire to build a truly great team for next season… Lyon has a lot of very good players and if Alexandre does not leave it will be another player in very similar conditions. It will not be the financial argument which will make things fall through. The discussions with Alex will allow us to determine what is the best for the club and for him. The window is not open. It only opens on the 9th June and today is the 1st.”

Manchester United entered the race to sign the French international yesterday.



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