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Karim Benzema unleashes an attack on Mathieu Valbuena over sextape scandal

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe published in full tomorrow, Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema hits Mathieu Valbuena hard and blames him for his supposedly incorrect inclusion in the sextape scandal.

“Everything came from his story. We do not know the truth. On top of that, when I hear it said now that he is prepared to play with me again, that he is not annoyed at me… There is really something wrong with him! At the beginning, I was a thug, I threatened him, I scared him, he invented it all.. And now he says he wants to play with me again. He says that he would not have made a legal complaint had he known that I would end up in the middle of all this… Has he lost the plot or what? For more than a year and a half I am his enemy, a bad example, a tramp, who needs to be sanctioned, with people dirtying my name. For nearly two years I have been barred from seeing my best friend (Karim Zenati), otherwise we go to prison, and he, he is just relaxing. He needs to stop this rubbish.”



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