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Kylian Mbappé & Liverpool – the situation

Jürgen Klopp’s second campaign with Liverpool has brought the club’s American owners to a point of realisation, that they are not to far from genuinely competing for the Premier League title.

In order to battle with the biggest sides for the 2017/18 campaign (Chelsea, Manchester City), the club’s representatives want to take a step up with a new methodology – sign world class players: including a left-back, a centre back, a couple of midfielders and a number 9 with a quasi-infinite budget, according to L’Équipe.

It is in this respect that Mbappé’s situation has become of interest. And Klopp is adjudged not to be sitting in the stands on this one: he has established direct contact last month with Mbappé’s entourage.

His plan to convince the player? Make Mbappé the centre-piece of the Liverpool project. It is difficult to believe that this will be enough at this point in the race, but the Reds are beginning to gather a reputation for being “aggressive” with the targets that they identify.


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