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Kylian Mbappé not interested in Manchester United

L’Équipe have produced a piece this morning which flatly denies a host of claims made by Spanish paper Marca yesterday which insinuated that Kylian Mbappé has decided to join Real Madrid and that a form of agreement had already been reached.

The Spanish publication even claimed that a €100m deal had been reached by the clubs for a summer transfer. Both clubs have denied the reports when contacted by L’Équipe, with a senior Real Madrid source saying: “This is rubbish.” An AS Monaco source said something similar: “The situation has not evolved. The club does not want to sell him. We are in permanent contact with Kylian’s family and we are on the same wavelength.”

Mbappé’s camp have a plan to approach this summer transfer window and it looks like this: no discussions with any part until the end of the league season. No decision or discussion beforehand.

That however does not prevent Mbappé from having certain preferences already. Real Madrid remains a particular dream of the Monaco man: he looks at them differently because of their penchant for attack and because his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo plays there.

As for Manchester United, Mbappé is a genuine football fan. And privately he has not hidden his displeasure at the football that José Mourinho’s side has played, according to the French newspaper. The presence of other young players in his position, Martial and Rashford are also considerable turn-offs in Mbappé’s eyes.

Mbappé still has several weeks to come up with a decision. AS Monaco Vice President Vadim Vasilyev is refusing to talk to any agents until the end of May. From that moment on, the floodgates will open.


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