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Leonardo Jardim very uncertain about his AS Monaco future

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe, Leonardo Jardim did little to reassure AS Monaco fans that he would be staying at the club for the 2017/18 campaign.

“That is a question that you will need to ask me a little latter on. You see, we have worked very hard for 11 months, always pushing to the limit, at the top of our potential. We have to re-let go of it again a bit, a bit like last year. In order to really take stock, to discuss, you need to have a cool head, to put your emotions aside. We have enjoyed ourselves, we have recovered and now we will discuss the future, the project and lots of things.”

“I am calm, I have another two years on my contract, I do not have any problems in terms of sleeping, I am not asking myself what tomorrow will bring. This week we will discuss, we will look and see exactly what the offers are, what could happen, and then take a decision in a calm manner. I have shown who I am in difficult times. The representatives and I, with Vadim, we know how to talk to each other directly. We do it each year, this year will be no different to the others.”


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