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Leonardo Jardim’s Monaco future remains in doubt

According to an article in today’s L’Équipe, AS Monaco manager Leonardo Jardim’s future is currently in doubt, and a move to rivals PSG cannot be excluded as a possibility.

Today, he is wondering whether he can achieve any more than he has at Monaco this season, having made it to the Champions’ League semi-final and winning Ligue 1. Monaco representatives have already assured Jardim that they will do their best to limit high-profile departures to two players this summer, but Jardim wants assurances on the quality of replacements and that his squad will be made slightly larger.

The 42-year-old has several concrete approaches already. Inter Milan, a host of Chinese clubs and from many national teams.

None of those sides represent much of an improvement on the footballing side vis-à-vis Monaco. Who can offer Jardim better than Monaco?

The six best clubs in the Premier League, Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid and PSG.

Jardim joining the latter side is not as much of an impossibility as it might sound, least of all because Unai Emery’s future remains very uncertain.

Everything is still hypothetical until the season comes to a close, but the newspaper reports that for the moment Jardim is not closing the door to PSG.


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