Lucien Favre: “When 1 or 2 players do nothing on the pitch it is impossible to win.”

Speaking to BeIN Sports following OGC Nice’s 4-0 aggregate loss to Italian side Napoli in the Champions’ League play-offs, OGC Nice manager Lucien Favre was visibly furious with his side.

“They are better than us that is clear, when the draw came out, it was clear to me that it was going to be very, very difficult. In addition, I think we played worse than when we played against Ajax, particularly in the second leg, because in the second leg against Ajax, we worked together, we did well in terms of winning the ball back, everyone was working, and when there are 1 or 2 who do absolutely nothing on the pitch it is absolutely impossible to win a match, it is the same in Ligue 1.”

On Napoli’s 1st goal when Mario Balotelli was off the pitch for a bandage:

“It is difficult, but it has become impossible now. One time it is something on the shoe, next time it is something here (gestures his wrist), I don’t know if that is the reason why we conceded the goal, because sometimes you play with ten, you don’t always concede a goal, but still.”

On the state of the squad:

“To build, you have to replace the material that was there before. We have not replaced yet, far from it. That is the first thing to say. After that you can start to complete a squad. For the moment, it is utterly bits and bobs everywhere… It is difficult to find players 10 days before the end of the window, very difficult.”


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