Lyon President Aulas: “Alexandre Lacazette is allowed to leave.”

Speaking to the press today, Lyon President Jean Michel Aulas gave very interesting details on the future of Alexandre Lacazette.

“Alexandre Lacazette is allowed to leave. You know that. Because he is allowed to leave that does not mean that he will. He is allowed to leave for one club only, the club of his dreams. Either the club of his dreams will be able to accept our demands like in Sam’s (Umtiti) situation with Barcelona last year. In that case, things will go smoothly. Aside from that, it will depend on the number of departures. If certain players do not feel that the club is big enough for them, we will show them the door. And we will go and get players of the same level, but with the right mentality too. If there are other players who want to leave for other reasons, we will look at it case by case. I think we will be busy in terms of arrivals and departures. I think our biggest problem this season, when we struggled against the smallest sides, was a mental deficit on the part of a certain number of players.”


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