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Mbaye Niang: “I do not see myself staying at Watford.”

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe, French forward Mbaye Niang revealed that he does not see himself staying at Premier League side Watford, despite them having an option to buy.

“I owe the club a lot for allowing me to discover this league, a new mentality which helped me to be consistent the way I was hoping for. I really enjoyed myself a lot on a football level. Even if Watford have an option to buy that they want to activate, I do not see myself staying. And that is simply for personal reasons. It has nothing to with the fans who I genuinely want to thank but with the club, not everything happened the way we wanted. Even though it is nice to hear their representatives repeat that they want to buy me in recent weeks. But I gave myself some thinking time, I weighed up the pros and the cons and despite the good opportunity offered by Watford, I do not think that my future will be there. I understand the disappointment of the club who were counting on me. But I ask them to be understanding and to accept my decision which is final because I will not change my mind.”

“First, I will come back to Milan to meet the new owners to see what they are thinking and then look at all the possibilities. Next, we will take a decision together and in the interest of all parties. I am open to all options. If for the good of the club and my career,  I should stay at AC Milan, then I will stay there with great pleasure! If not, we will look for a solution which will be profitable for all. But these discussions and subsequent thinking will come in time.”


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