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Memphis Depay’s unveiling press conference – The Highlights

Memphis Depay has been showed off to the press, flanked by Jean-Michel Aulas and his new coach Bruno Génésio, which officially confirms his transfer to Lyon for an initial fee of €16m, with up to further €9m in bonuses. Depay got underway in French: “I’m really happy to sign for Lyon,” before responding to a few questions.

What convinced you to sign for Lyon?

Ever since I had contact with the manager I was interested. I fully get what they have got going on and I can place myself in their plans, especially with the quality of staff they’ve got here. I just felt this was where I should come. The mutual interest has been telling. Lyon is a big club with a lot of history, which also helped the decision.

What did you know about Lyon before making your decision?

A few years ago, OL lost against PSV in the quarter-final of the Champions League. I know that OL won the title seven times in a row. You come across them in the Champions League all the time. I follow all the major championships and so I already knew this club.

Do you feel any pressure in relation to your price tag?

The negotiations have been long and a lot of things have gone on behind the scenes. I may be young but that does not necessarily equate to a greater pressure. I’m here which means there’s a belief in me. It’s really an honour for me just to be at this great club.

How do you feel physically and will you be ready for Sunday?

I feel good, physically fine. I know the match against Marseille is crucial. I hope I can play. I’ve not played for a while so I’ve got to get my rhythm back. I’m an athlete; I trained every day because I love this game, so that should help me get back to form quickly.

Do you have any ill-feelings in terms of your (non-playing) situation at Man Utd?

I just want to show the world what I’m capable of. I’ve done it before; I’ll do my best again. I know what I’m capable of if I get the vote of confidence from the coach and everyone else. I have no ill-feelings towards Man Utd. Going forward, I just want to score goals and soak up the experience in this magnificent stadium, which I looked around a bit earlier. I’m so looking forward to it!

What do you think of Ligue 1?

I know that it’s a very physical championship with solid defences. There is a lot of technical quality amongst the young players. For me, it’s an excellent challenge.

Where do want to play and have already spoken about where you may play with the coach?

I’ll play where the coach tells me to play. I’m used to playing on the left side. I’ve played no.10 or on the right as well. I can adapt to fit into a system but I think my best position for a number of years is playing as a wide left midfielder.

You briefly knew Rafael at Man Utd. Did you speak to him before coming?

I didn’t speak to him before coming. I met him when I got to Manchester but he left just after. He seems like a good guy, I like his way of playing, pretty aggressive. He’s got loads of determination, especially to go and get forward.

What have you learnt during your difficult time at Man Utd?

I’ve learnt that you had to get used  to a new team, a new style of play, a new championship. I’ve played with some big players like Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba. I’ve learnt a lot from them and I’ve taken it all on board. Now I’ve got to start putting it together on the pitch.



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