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Monchi confirms an interest in joining PSG

Speaking in an interview with Estadio Deportivo, Sevilla’s Sporting Director Monchi confirmed an interest in reuniting with Unai Emery at PSG. He has an offer from AS Roma and will be leaving the Andalusian side at the end of the current campaign.

“I worked with Emery for 3.5 years in a magnificent way. We had incredible synergy and we achieved unimaginable objectives. I would like to work with him because he is a magnificent manager and Sporting Directors like good managers. But I have worked with many good managers and I would say the same thing of Marcelino or Juande Ramos. Unai is more recent and that is why we remember it more.”

“I would prefer not to talk about Roma because I am not over there. They have a Sporting Director who is Massara, working there. It is not fair nor right to speak about that. So I have no opinion, I will not talk about it. I know the work of Spalletti and he is having a magnificent season. We have not had more than a few exchanges, apart from the fact that they want me and they are listening to what I can offer.”


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