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Official | Frédéric Hantz sacked as Montpellier manager

Montpellier HSC have confirmed the laying-off of manager Frédéric Hantz and his assistant Arnaud Cormier with immediate effect, although the pair will continue to be paid for the time being.

Ghislain Printant and Jean-Louis Gasset have been called into the club to find a managerial solution. With the former SC Bastia manager and PSG assistant coach, Montpellier have actually found two of the most competent available individuals to sort their situation out, even if many fans will disagree with the departure of Hantz.

Neither Printant or Gasset have accepted a formal role as the next manager of the club at this time, but they have accepted to come in to see if they can find a solution together in the short-term.


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