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Official | Marcelo Bielsa announced as Lille’s new manager

Lille have announced that Marcelo Bielsa will take over as the club’s new manager on the 1st July 2017 after an agreement relating to a two year contract was reached by the two parties.

Bielsa therefore has agreed to return to Ligue 1 following leaving French football in the summer of 2015 when he quit his post as Marseille manager.

Bielsa and Lille’s new owner Gérard Lopez have a close relationship and it is undoubtedly that factor which played a primordial role in getting an agreement.

There is a grave difference between an agreement with Bielsa and him actually becoming the club’s manager, his false arrival at Lazio earlier this season is testament to that fact.

Lille will however be confident that Bielsa will stay true to his word. General Manager Marc Ingla had the following to say on the development:

“Marcelo Bielsa is without a doubt one of the most respected and influential managers in the world and to be able to attract him to Lille is a source of immense satisfaction. It also serves as proof, if that was even necessary, of the ambitions of our club. It inso secret, Gérard Lopez and Marcelo Bielsa are close and have been discussing for a while this opportunity. We have always thought of Marcelo as the best person, for his philosophy of football as well as his experience, his rigour and professionalism, to fight with us for the project and the future victories of Lille.”


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