OGC Nice President Rivère explains why Jean-Michaël Seri’s move to Barcelona fell through

In an interview with Canal Football Club, OGC Nice President Rivère gave his version of events on why Jean-Michaël Seri’s move to Barcelona fell through.

“Wednesday morning (23rd August), Julien Fournier (OGC Nice Director General) calls me early, at 09:00. He tells me: “Jean-Pierre, I don’t understand, I just received a call from Barça, they are saying that they are stopping for Micka.” In the afternoon, I speak to Josep Bartomeu (Barcelona President), who is a bit annoyed, and tells me: “Jean-Pierre, this is the first time this has ever happened, our coaching staff have decided not to bring in Micka Seri. It is absolutely not a money problem.” On Thursday morning, they confirmed it definitively, there were not going to sign Micka Seri. And then things started kicking off. I told Barcelona you have left a player in the wind, because the contract was ready. If I put myself in Micka’s place, it was his dream to go to Barça and the following day it was all over.”



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