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Olivier Giroud: “I hope, like my colleagues, that Arsène Wenger will stay.”

Speaking to RMC tonight, Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud discussed the future of the club’s manager Arsène Wenger.

“Obviously, he is someone, “the boss” like we call him here, who brought the club to where it is today, who has made it one of the best in Europe. We are supporting him 100%, it is not like today we would just jump ship or turn our backs. The players, we are the first ones concerned, we are the first affected.”

“Today, we have had a very respectable season, with a very good attack, even if recently we have conceded a lot of goals. We cannot be satisfied with that, of course, because we are Arsenal. I am the first to be unhappy, I am someone who is ambitious and who wants to progress. For our fans, we are disappointed because the title race seems like it could be over, like last year, but we still have hope.”

“In any case, even if it is not this year, I hope that it will happen next year. I am someone who is persevering, who keeps faith and will always want to progress, who is looking to the future. I hope, like my colleagues, that the coach will stay because I am convinced that we are not missing much in order to win the Premier League. Of course I believe that he will stay, but it did not play a role in me signing a contract extension or not.”



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