SC Bastia Security Director to launch legal complaint against Lyon’s President

After it was announced that a legal complaint would be filed against the SC Bastia Director of Security by Lyon President Jean Michel Aulas, for what the latter saw as an attack on his goalkeeper Anthony Lopes at half-time yesterday during SC Bastia vs Lyon, the SC Bastia Director of Security has now announced that he will be filing a legal complaint against Jean Michel Aulas.

The president of Olympique Lyonnais insisted on Sunday night after the multiple violent incidents that led to the halting of the match Bastia-Lyon at half-time, that Anthony Lopes had been attacked by SC Bastia’s director of their Security Committee, Anthony Agostini.

“What has surpassed comprehension is that the security, in particular the director of security of Bastia, hit Anthony Lopes,” said the president of the Lyon club when speaking to RMC.

Anthony Agostini refutes this claim entirely and will lodge a legal complaint with the public prosecutor of Bastia for “slanderous denunciation,” according to France Bleu.


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