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Slot Games for Football Fans

Slot games are not something people normally associate with sports. You don’t become physically active when you play, and there is no one but chance that you compete against. The truth, however, is that those who enjoy the drama and tension derived from a sport like football, share many of the same physiological desires from their entertainment as those who play slot machines do. Think of it as that sitting on the edge of your seat response. Your brain gets interested, and the tension mounts as you wait for the dramatic conclusion.

Slot machines have recently been finding themselves in a new renaissance of sorts. No longer are they only pull lever machines on the casino floor, rather hundreds of variations have been, and are constantly being created online to satiate all desired play styles. If you’re looking to stay up to date on the latest casino slots sites check SlotSpinners for fresh information. There is even a shooting game similar to modern console games coming out that under the hood, is based on the same slot style system.

For football fans who crave the constant excitement but find themselves between their favorite team’s games, or just want something they can play that will scratch that same itch, I suggest they do a little research and see if playing slot is for them.

I am personally an avid football fan, but often find myself getting fidgety between games or when waiting in line or sitting in the car for long hours. Once I discovered slots, specifically those I could play on my phone and laptop, I found myself suggesting them to friends as well. Since many of my friends are as football obsessed as I am, we found ourselves playing many of the same football related slot games.

Though the imagery used in the slot games aren’t really necessary to the enjoyment of the game, I rather like the football aesthetic and prefer to look at it as I play. With that in mind, I’m going to suggest some games for my fellow football fans out there – mostly so I can use this as a reference and stop having the same conversation again and again when my friends get interested in trying slots out.

Some of the terminology I’ll be using may not be familiar to you, so here is a quick summary of some slot terms:

  • The reel is the vertical sections that are set into motion when the game is played.
  • The paylines are the horizontal lines that one must match up to win the game

Slot games depend on the combination of reels to paylines – most will have their own unique system for matching the two up. If this still doesn’t make perfect sense to you, check Prime Slots for an online casino slots guide.

Football Champions Cup

A 5 reel, 20 payline video slot game with a series of extra bonus modes. This is my favorite football slot game. It has great smooth graphics and a nice set of sound effects. The makers of this game definitely spent more time in its creation than many of the other football games out there. It even has a penalty shootout bonus mode where you pick a part of the goal, and then spin as the shooter. You then play as the goalies and pick a part of the goal to defend.  On top of the shootout mode is a tournament bracket mode for extra bonuses and win chances. All in all, it’s a great slot game with enough extras to keep fighting for the champion cup.

Football Rules

This is a simple 5 reel, 25 payline video slot game. There Isn’t too much that is unique about this game – but that is why I rather like it. It is a straightforward and easy to understand slot game with a nice football feel.

Football Carnival

Football Carnival stands out with its very Brazilian style. It is a 5 reel with 50 paylines. I like the sound design on this game – no constant annoying music, but a good amount of feedback when you spin and win.

Top Trumps Football Legends

Top Trumps Football Legends is a 5-reel 15-line multi-coin video slot game. A great football slot game made to celebrate past legends. It includes extra features like a Wild and Scatter bonus as well as something called the Wall of Fame Bonus game and the Free Games round. Pele, Bobby Charlton and others all make a showing.

Those are some of my favorite football themed slot games. Remember, though; the imagery is only cosmetic – there are hundreds of great slot games out there worth checking out. I suggest you do a little exploring and see which games suit your play style best.


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