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Soccer Betting Strategies

Football or soccer is actually one of the most gambled sports in the entire world. It is one that is played in practically every country in the world and one that could make a person rich. However, because of the intrigues involved in soccer games and the outcomes of most of the games, soccer betting has taken another angle. Many people search for strategies with which they can predict the correct outcome of soccer games and win bets on their chosen markets just like they do at Leo Vegas casino online. This has led to the development of several soccer betting strategies and we will be taking a look at some of them below.

  • Value bet

This is actually the best of all the strategies. Betting on value in soccer entails surfing through the web to see the size of the odds that bookmakers allotted to teams for different markets. When you do this, you concentrate on the teams that the bookmaker has undervalued and bet heavily on those. You may not be looking to wager on the results of the game, you are simply trying to get the best off the bookmaker’s mistakes, and it works. Ascertain the real percentage that the booker is allotting to the team to come up with a particular result. Do your own research on the teams and see the real percentage they should get. If after your homework on their history, form, records, player availability and injury, you discover that their probability of achieving the result is higher, capitalize on that and wager.

  • Not to lose bet

Another strategy that many punters use to come up with successful bets is by taking the more probable side. Forget about the winning and losing bets and bet on a team not to lose. Your team doesn’t have to lose and they do not have to win for you to make money. This is regarded as double chance by many bookmakers. You are betting on one of two different outcomes to happen. This may come with reduced odds or prize money. It is easy for you to know when 1 or both of the teams will play for a draw, or when the players that score the goals are not available.

  • Goals

Another betting strategy that works in soccer is to jettison other things and focus on goals. This pays more than many other markets because it is a bit reliable when you know how to work it out. There are teams that are known to be high scoring in nature. These teams should be backed to score goals. In soccer, most of the elite teams with very prolific strikers are the best for these bets. You can also make this more certain by placing this bet when these high scoring teams are playing against teams that are weak. The best way to go about it is to increase the money you are staking so that whatever happens, you will gain good money.

  • Draw bets

Many people run away from draws because it seldom happens. But there is a method of arriving at teams that will draw. Forget about score draws because it is difficult to predict. Search for those teams that find it very difficult to score each other. Pick two teams with powerful defense line or two teams with very weak attack line. In this case, the draw is a very feasible and workable strategy.

Which ever one of the strategies you decide to bet with, just make sure you can analyze and forecast the outcome of the game and you are sure on the path to great wins.


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