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Sylvain Marveaux held in police custody yesterday over tax investigation

French football has been engulfed in recent hours by a new scandal involving the law. At the request of their British counterparts, the French authorities on Wednesday launched a series of searches and arrests relating to a tax fraud case. The case concerns the image rights of professional football and agent commissions on transfer between English and French clubs.

Sources indicate to Le Parisien that around €10m worth of fraud has been committed. More than 100 law enforcement officials raided English clubs West Ham and Newcastle, whilst enquiries were made at Chelsea. Documents, computers, iPads and phones were seized and a number of individuals were arrested. Lee Charnley, Newcastle’s executive director was amongst those taken into police custody.

Police in France questioned ten individuals and four people were placed in police custody.

These of those individuals are football agents, the fourth was Sylvain Marveaux.

Former Newcastle United attacking midfielder Sylvain Marveaux was released hours after being placed in police custody, GFFN can confirm.

Multiple sources suggest that Marseille are the French club who are the most connected with this apparent illegal activity, with RTL claiming that the club’s ex-board is being targeted by law enforcement officials.

The HMRC is investigating allegations of tax evasion and the laundering of tax evaded money committed during the transfers of several players between French clubs and clubs playing in the Premier League. The UK authorities suspect hidden payments to certain players, their agents or third parties, allowing them to evade income taxes and social security contributions.



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