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Thiago Silva: “We did not play today.”

Speaking following PSG’s historically catastrophic defeat to Barcelona last night, 6-1, Les Parisiens’ captain Thiago Silva attempted to put the result into words, speaking to Canal +.

“It is inexplicable. We did not play today. It was difficult to play today. We did not succeed to play our game. In the end, we paid for it with the qualification. Even with our very good result at home, we do not deserve to make it to the quarter-finals. It is not an excuse either but I think that there was no penalty on Suarez. Two penalties against Barcelona which were not given either. We cannot attribute all the blame to the referee. It is a difficult result. In order to deal with it, it will be difficult. We need to lift our heads. It is not the end of the world. We need to think forward and to continue to work because we should not lower our head. As good professionals, we must continue to work.”


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