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Thierry Henry on Olivier Giroud: “He is doing extraordinary work.”

Speaking in an exclusive interview with RMC, former Arsenal player Thierry Henry discussed Olivier Giroud.

“Whenever I talk about Arsenal, it always comes out when it’s something that can go big. However, when it’s something positive, it rarely gets brought up. To go back on this phrase on Olivier, that’s not how I said it. You have to take it from the beginning. Olivier had just scored fives goals in a row, and I had lauded him, but I didn’t see that anywhere. It’s easy to publish something negative, but before that, I was praising his qualities.”

“That was two years ago towards the end of the season. I was asked what Arsenal would need to change for next season to win the title. So I said that their non-stop injuries had to be taken care of, they needed a solid spine for the team, they had to buy a defender, a goalkeeper and another striker to let Olivier rest, and take on a starting striker role. That’s what I said. I also added that Olivier was the starting striker, but that I was not sure if he could hold out for the whole season with the pressure of having to score every match. That was it. But today, he is doing extraordinary work, and when he comes on, he does what he has to do. He scores, he’s good with his back towards the goal. I would have liked to play with him.”



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