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Two theories for Dortmund bus bomb attack being explored by local police

Two theories are currently being investigated by local police over last night’s Dortmund bus bombing which injured Marc Bartra.

Several German media outlets have reported that a letter was found at the scene with the words: “in the name of Allah, the merciful, the merciful,” written on it, which has provoked these organisations to speculate about potential Islamic extremism links to the incident.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung however indicates that the authorities are remaining very cautious: “It is possible that those who committed the act wanted to put the blame on someone else.”

The German police’s second theory involves the idea that the act was committed by a German anti-fascist group. A claim was posted on a blog last night, Die Welt reveals, reading as follows: “Today we attacked the BVB bus with explosives.”

The blog post has since been removed. The author of the post explained the reasons for the attack: that it was a show of force against the club because it is not doing enough to fight fascism in the club nor the detestable attitude within the stadium, allegedly the reasons for this anti-fascist group committing this act, if they did so at all.

The letter found at the crime scene has yet to be verified.


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