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Unai Emery: “It is a bad experience, but an experience.”

Speaking in the post match press conference, PSG manager Unai Emery attempted to stomach the 6-1 defeat to FC Barcelona and the repercussions of this result.

“Today, for everyone at PSG, the staff, players and fans, this is a bad moment. What happened on the pitch is a negative experience. Individually, we lost a great opportunity to grow. We wanted to grow with the match today. In the first half, we did not go out there with the mentally we wanted. We wanted to continue like we did in the first leg. We wanted to concede territory to the opposition and then to attack them on the counter. After the 3-0 the team was better. We wanted to look for the best result by scoring the second goal. In five minutes, everything was lost. We were not able to defend well. It was an experience. A negative experience but an experience. I am learning for the future. Today, it is clear that we have lost a good opportunity.”



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