Adrien Rabiot: “We always get floored in the same way.”

Adrien Rabiot told BeIN Sports of his disappointment immediately after PSG’s 3-1 loss to Real Madrid last night.

“As usual, we had chances but we were not pragmatic enough and when we play against teams like this, they had two or three chances but finished ahead. I am disappointed because we did the match required here. We started well but conceded goals at the end. We always repeat the same things and, in the end, we always get floored in the same way. It is annoying because I think we did what was required and I am very disappointed… The problem, is that it is easy to put 8 past Dijon or 4 or 5 score goals in the league but it is in these matches here that you need to make it count. We were not at the level required of course, but there is a second leg and we are competitors, we are going to go after qualification. But when you start with a handicap like the one we have, it is difficult.”



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