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Adrien Rabiot writes open letter explaining his decision to snub the France World Cup preparations

Released by RTL, Adrien Rabiot has written an open letter explaining his decision to reject a call-up to the French national team as a reserve for the Russia World Cup squad.

As follows:

I was under no illusions about the impact that my decision could have, but I deplore the fact that I am being made out as a young, immature player, incapable to stand by his decisions and actions. Footballer, is a job, but football is first and foremost my passion.

I have worked day after day to climb to the highest level. Everything that I have today I have won on the pitch. And then I have a dream, like all footballers, to play for my country.

Wearing the French shirt is an honour for me, something I am proud of. To win with France, to win for France, is a mission.

Ever since I was 15, I have fought in the colours of France in all the youth categories right up to the first team. I am part of the French culture.

I also do not allow anyone to speak on my behalf about my relationship with the French national team.

Since my first call-up for the first team as a reserve in May 2016, I have played for my club, PSG, a European giant, 88 matches, 13 in the Champions’ League, have scored 9 goals and I have won 7 trophies.

I decided to exclude myself from the reserves list because I believe that the national team manager’s decision vis-à-vis myself has no football logic behind it because for these years the message was clear, it is club performances that open doors to the French national team.

I am a competitor, but I am also a man, and as such I would liked to have been treated as one.

My actions are not at all an effort to take aim at the players who were selected. And I thank Mr Le Graët, the President of the Federation, for underlining the exemplary nature of my conduct with the national teams during these last 8 years. Finally, I take total responsibility for all the consequences of my decision with the support of my family and loved ones.


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