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Adrien Rabiot’s agent Véronique hits back: “I have never denigrated the club.”

Speaking in an exclusive interview with RTL, French international and PSG midfielder Adrien Rabiot’s agent and mother Véronique responded following Les Parisiens’ decision to banish him from the 1st team after he rejected a contract extension offer. His current deal expires at the end of the season.

“The president said to us that we are a big family… I have never denigrated the club… Today I am being attacked by the club through Antero Henrique (Sporting Director), so I am allowing myself to end my silence.”

“During the summer transfer window, I wanted Adrien to be transfer listed, Adrien wanted to quit the club, we said it quite clearly. I do not see how I was disloyal. There was an offer from Barcelona, the club rejected it.”

“The decision taken is definitive and final. The situation today has completely descended and there is no way back… very few people are rushing to defend Adrien’s situation. The fact that the UNFP have is important.”

“Today he is buying his freedom… We have no right to speak to any clubs until the 1st of January… we were not prepared for such aggression, it is very violent but we are forced to accept it.”

“It is absolutely not a question of money and it never has been a question of money with PSG… this is merely the only way that he will be free.”


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