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Antero Henrique: “Barcelona’s offer for Rabiot was disrespectful.”

Speaking to RMC, PSG Sporting Director Antero Henrique responded to midfielder Adrien Rabiot’s mother and agent, Veronique’s, claims from earlier today, in which she affirmed that their decision about leaving Les Parisiens was “final”.

How do you respond to the words of Véronique Rabiot?

I was surprised. Madame Rabiot said that we received an offer this summer. This is true, we received a bid on the 29th August, 20 hours before the closure of the summer transfer window. It is simple, this means that Barcelona must have had an agreement with Rabiot before coming to discuss with us. You have to know that Barcelona’s offer was ridiculous. For us, the club, we were very surprised by this low offer. The offer was disrespectful for some of Rabiot’s standing. I insist, it is not possible to reach an agreement with a player like Adrien in 24 hours. So it is clear that Barcelona must have already had an agreement with Adrien.

Do you want him to stay at PSG until his contract ends?

I have to make clear that from the moment we had found an agreement in principle to extend the player’s deal, his representative and the lawyers, without an explanation, stopped negotiations. I am sure that he has found an agreement with another club. When they stopped negotiations, it was clear for me that Adrien had a deal with another club.

Are you disappointed by Barcelona?

You are always shocked when clubs do not adhere to rules.

Could he leave this winter?

He told me he doesn’t want to stay at PSG.



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