Anthony Martial’s agent: “He wants to leave Manchester United.”

Anthony Martial’s agent Philippe Lamboley spoke to RMC this evening. Highlights of what he had to say here.

Has Anthony Martial made a decision on his future?

After looking at all the possibilities and different factors, Anthony wants to leave Manchester United.

Why does he want to leave Manchester?

There are a lot reason, for the moment it is too early to talk about it. Anthony will speak later on to talk about that.

Was he disappointed by the attitude of the Manchester United representatives?

Manchester United want Anthony to sign an extension and do not want him to leave but we have not found an agreement of several months. I think that when Manchester United, the most powerful club in the world… do not find an agreement after 8 months of negotiations, it is because they do not really want to make him an important member of the squad.

That is why this decision has come about. It is a decision that has been very well thought through. Any how, it is obvious and very important to be reminded that he is under contract, that Manchester United will have the last word and that we will respect the decision of the club, he will go until the end of his engagement.

However, we do not share the same vision for Anthony’s future. Today, Anthony is disappointed because he has shown during 3 seasons the love that he has for the club and the supporters. However I can tell you that without the unconditional support of the fans, Anthony would already have asked to leave Manchester United.

However, Anthony showed great professionalism, he was successful. I think he has done his best for three years. It is important to remember that this season he scored 11 goals and produced ten assists in five months. He was chosen three times as the Player of the Month by the fans. Then came the January window. I will not comment on the consequences of that window. Everyone will have their own opinions, I think he must take back control of his career. The time has come.

Are there advanced contacts with foreign clubs?

Anthony has a choice, I cannot say anything else on this subject at the moment but you can imagine that the moment that a player like Anthony comes onto the market, lots of clubs are interested. The only thing that I can say is that lots of managers like him and several clubs want to offer their projects to Anthony.

What leagues interest Anthony?

Today, that is not an important question. Anthony simply wants to play, enjoy football again. The feeling with the manager will be essential.



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