Arsène Wenger on Mesut Özil: “He played a little bit with the handbrake on at this World Cup.”

Speaking to BeIN Sports, Arsène Wenger discussed the World Cup performances of Arsenal attacking midfielder Mesut Özil.

“I know Özil well, he is a fantastic, exceptional footballer but him and Gündogan suffered from what happened before the World Cup (Erdogan business). They have been vindicated in Germany. Özil is a guy who needs support, he doesn’t need controversy. When I watched him play, I could feel that there were situations in the game where he could have moved forward, progressed more vertical. He played security. I always was thinking come on, that’s not the real Özil I know, the guy who can kill. He did play alright, but I think he didn’t play with the complete freedom, he played a little bit with the handbrake at this World Cup.”


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