Arsène Wenger on what he wants next: “A project that is achievable in the short term.”

Arsène Wenger gave away a little more on what he intends to do next in an interview with SFR Sport that aired today, on the day in which his Arsenal career officially came to an end.

He had the following to say when asked what project he is looking for next:

“A project that makes sense, with potential, which has the means to match its ambition as well, for me, at my age, I can no longer work for another 20 years. So, a project that is achievable in the short term, but has a long-term sense. Today, I do not know what I am going to do next. You see, 22 years is not bad at all. I need to make a decision, and that is why I will not get into a discussion about my future. I need to take a few days to reflect, and then I will decide what I will do.”

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