Arsène Wenger questioned on AC Milan links: “Fake news.”

Speaking to BeIN Sports last night, Arsène Wenger discussed his future.

“You want to send my all over the world since the start of the show, look, don’t listen to rumours. Let’s focus on the game we just saw, a great game. I don’t know, I will work certainly next year, where, honestly, you know that I would tell you the truth. Honestly, I don’t know… No, I don’t know what I will do. I personally don’t know. I don’t want to lie and that’s why I can’t give you any information… The only thing I can say is it is fake news (reports that he has a deal to join AC Milan). If I would have signed somewhere, I would tell you. At the moment I am just focused on doing well for BeIN Sports, and that’s not easy.”


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