Arsène Wenger: “This is an opportunity to thank people who were so faithful.”

Speaking to, Arsène discussed his relationship with Arsenal fans ahead of his final home game in charge.

“It is a good opportunity for the club to go a different way, with new people and new ideas, and continue to move the club forward, which is what I have tried to do my whole life. You want fans to identify with the club to have positive experiences in the future… The majority of fans are not always the most vocal ones. I’ve met so many nice people on a daily basis who really appreciated what I tried to do or what I did and I would like to be very thankful to them. For me this is an opportunity as well to thank people who were so faithful. You know, I had the luxury to play for 22 years with a sold out stadium and that is a real luxury in life when you are in my job.”

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