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AS Monaco owner Dmitry Rybolovlev confirms he has been charged in a criminal case

In an official statement, AS Monaco owner Dmitry Rybolovlev confirmed that he has been charged in a criminal case relating to alleged manipulation of local authorities relating to a conflict between the Russian oligarch and a Swiss art dealer.

Rybolovlev was held in police custody throughout the day yesterday.

“We confirm that Mr. Rybolovlev has been charged, as stated by the Attorney General.
We also confirm that he has been placed under judicial surveillance but specify that he is completely free to travel, with his only obligations being not to meet people involved in the case and to respond to the summons of the investigating judge, which he will do, as he has always done.
We recall that the charge, equivalent in Monegasque law to an indictment under French law, is a status granted to a person when the judge considers that there exists against the individual sufficient evidence. It in no way indicates justification of a trial, let alone evidence that could lead to a conviction.
We particularly insist that at this stage Mr Rybolovlev is presumed innocent.”


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