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Benjamin Mendy reveals crazy Marcelo Bielsa anecdote: “If his staff didn’t work well during the week, they were not allowed to come to the match-day.”

Speaking in an interview with Canal Plus, Manchester City left-back Benjamin Mendy recalled a crazy anecdote from his time at Marseille under Marcelo Bielsa.

“At Marseille, he did these crazy things. With his staff, during the week, if they placed a cone 11 metres away when it was supposed to be 10 metres away, because of that, they might not be allowed to be present on match-day. His staff had to work well during the week, to get a chance to be with the squad on the weekend. For the first game of the season, it was a friendly, we left with just one doctor. No assistant, nobody. And Bielsa didn’t speak our language.”


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