Bordeaux manager Gus Poyet fired after a sensational rant

Multiple local sources have this morning confirmed that Bordeaux have fired manager Gus Poyet after a sensational rant last night in a press conference following the Ligue 1 side’s victory over Mariupol, which has seen les Girondins qualify for the Europa League play-offs, where they will face Gent.

Poyet, who has had a tense relationship with the Bordeaux board and President Stéphane Martin for several months, was infuriated by the board’s decision to sell striker Gaëtan Laborde without signing a replacement first.

He said last night:

“Today is my worst day at this club. What happened today with Gaëtan Laborde is a disgrace. And I think we need to stop here. I asked the club not to sell him until we bring in a player. They didn’t listen to me, they let Laborde leave. We arrived at the hotel today at 11:45, Laborde was not there. We called him, he was at Montpellier. Nobody said anything to us.”

“So I will speak to my agent tomorrow, and I will take a decision. I don’t know if things will finish or not… It is a disgrace that they have done this to me, the players and the supporters. I cannot accept that. So I demand an explanation from the president and the owners. If they can explain it to me tomorrow, then I will decide whether or not I will stay, but I want an explanation.”

A journalist then asked: “It is my understanding that you were aware of the Laborde sale…”

Poyet: “Who said that to you? A Bordeaux representative? If you don’t tell me, I won’t speak to you. Ok, fine thank you (as he receives no answer). I don’t give a f*** about these Bordeaux representatives who speak to you. They tell you lies, and you don’t have the cojones to say the truth.”

“I will tell you, nobody has called me, I have a text that I sent to the club that read “Laborde does not leave until we replace him with another attacker.” Do I need to show it to you in front of the cameras. I am telling you… Nobody told me he had left until we arrived at the hotel this morning. Be careful. I don’t give a f*** about Bordeaux representatives who try and kill me from behind to make me leave. I am not going to leave like this. It is up to them to speak to you. It doesn’t work like this.”

Bordeaux press officer: “We finish there.”

Gus Poyet: “No we don’t actually. I decide when we finish, not you.”

Journalist: “Are you going to resign now?”

Poyet: “No, I am going to ask for an explanation. Tomorrow, I will speak to my agent and make a decision after the club explains itself… You watch yourself eh, you watch yourself, there is only one owner today, one owner. I don’t know what you are talking about, I am talking about something that happened today. I asked for Gaetan not to be sold, he left, so I want an explanation. Because we arrived at the hotel at 11:45 and nobody in my staff knew that Gaetan wasn’t here. I spoke with Gaetan and he had permission to leave, that is the truth. So if I receive an explanation, we can speak on Saturday again, and I will give you all the news that I have received from the club. Am I speaking about something that is not clear?”

“Last week, there was information that came out in L’Équipe and Sud Ouest that only 3 people knew about, and I am one of those 3 people. The other two I know well. That is something very important. I know who is speaking behind my back. We have arrived at a point where people need to be careful. All that I am asking for is respect and professionalism. Not more, not less. Respect and professionalism. If we have that, then we can move forward. If we don’t, then it is finished.”

After a 10 minute meeting this morning at Bordeaux’s training ground between President Stéphane Martin and Gus Poyet, the latter was sacked. As the club seeks a new manager, fitness coach Eric Bedouet, will be in charge of the 1st team in the interim.

Bordeaux play Toulouse in Ligue 1 on Sunday afternoon.


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