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Clinton N’Jie in trouble with French police over fake UK driving licence

France 3 reported initially last night that Clinton N’Jie was stopped by police on the 22nd July this summer and found to be carrying a fake UK driving licence.

The incident was sparked after police spotted a Bentley driving over the legal speeding limit before pulling it over, to find Marseille winger Clinton N’Jie in the driving seat.

The Cameroonian international, who played for Tottenham Hotspur before moving back to Ligue 1 with Marseille, showed documentation that confirmed he was the owner of the Bentley, before producing a driving licence which raised questions to police.

Only after N’Jie departed did a counterfeit ID specialist confirm, presumably over the radio, that the permit was fake and the identification number did not match the British authorities’ database. The police force attempted to catch up to N’Jie, but failed.

Marseille have refused to comment on the matter.


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