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Damien Le Burel, the physiotherapy student, missing in Concarneau

The French football community has launched an urgent appeal for any information that can be gathered relating to the 23rd December disappearance of 25-year-old physiotherapy student, Damien Le Burel.

The individual studies at Rennes and has not been seen since leaving a bar, called la Taverne des Korrigans, at 05:30 the day before Christmas Eve.

Police have been unable to find footage off Le Burel on security cameras. Searches have been ongoing as emergency services look around the harbour area of Concarneau, but have so far not had success.

Earlier this week, police launched an appeal to witness to get in contact with their local France Bleu radio station. Le Bruel’s local football club has furthered this appeal.

If you have any information that could help in understanding this individual’s whereabouts, please call (+33) 02 9850 15 00.

Police are continuing their investigation:

“We are undertaking investigations on his SIM card and his mobile phone. We are also looking a security cameras across the town.”


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