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Didier Deschamps “surprised” by Laurent Koscielny accusations

Speaking in this afternoon’s press conference ahead of France’s clash with Germany in the UEFA Nations League tomorrow, manager Didier Deschamps responded to allegations made by Laurent Koscielny in an interview that aired last night in which the Arsenal defender claimed he was “disappointed” by the lack of support that the France boss showed him following his Achilles injury.

“Yes, I have been able to take a look at what he said. He is a player who suffered from his injury and his absence from the World Cup. I understand his enormous disappointment. I was surprised, like the rest of the staff. I called him after his injury, spoke to him about the choices he could make with the surgeon. I reached out for an update in September. That, at a bare minimum, I did. I could have done more. I spoke with him briefly last night… He has been injured by this, he is marked for life. There are most things but it will not change what I think of Lolo as both a player and a man. He is someone with great values.”


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