Didier Deschamps: “We have access to information that nobody else does outside.”

Speaking to the French Football Federation website, Didier Deschamps had some cryptic words to say about his 23-man squad for Russia, which will be announced tomorrow.

“The 23 players who were there in March, the list [will likely be] close to that. I made decisions in March, but since then, two months have passed by. In terms of choosing players for a squad, I will not lie to you I have choices to make on players who have a lot of quality, who have had incredible seasons, who have stats with their club that are very, very, very good. But I cannot take them all, I only have 23 spaces. Aside from that, us, the staff, have access to information that nobody else does outside, and that brings us to make certain decisions. Not because we are trying to hide something, because we have an experience, whether it is to do with what has happened on the pitch, the squad balance also. That is not the most important criteria, obviously that would be the football side, but there are lots of criteria that can bring us to pick one player over another.”


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