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Didier Deschamps will not take the best 23 French players to Russia

Speaking in an interview with the French Football Federation, France boss Didier Deschamps discussed his decision-making processes when deciding on a 23-man squad for a major tournament, with his list expected in a month’s time.

“It is essential to contextualise individual performances. You need to look at who their opponents were, the type of match they were successful in and the tactical set-up in which they played… [The aim] is not necessarily to pick the best 23 players but to form a group that seems the most likely to go the furthest in the competition. To have a balanced group, a great team spirit, is essential. I know very well that some players will deserve to go the World Cup but they will not be on my list. In Russia, some players won’t play or they will just a little. I do not know who yet, but it will be the case anyway. Football qualities are essential, but the social aspect and the team spirit are both also very important.”



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