Etienne Capoue lifts the lid on he believes PSG can beat Liverpool

Speaking on RMC this evening, French central midfielder and Watford talisman Etienne Capoue discussed how PSG might beat Liverpool on Wednesday, with his own side losing to the Reds in the Premier League on Saturday, 3-0.

“We knew how to hold them beck, but as we are not a great (big) team, we were not able to hold on for 90 minutes. We sat very deep, let them play and they never found a solution. We caused them problems on the wings. We never played through the middle because that was what they were expecting. The few times we had chances, it was because of their wide players. We could not score and in one attack they were able to open the floodgates and scored. But bearing in mind the entire game, the 3-0 was not deserved.”

“PSG have their backs against the wall and must win. I think that PSG will want to play their game and that will be what Liverpool expect. They love that, they do it each week in the league. Let the other team work on constructing a move, and the three attackers counter.”

“To control the midfield, we had two defensive midfielders and a number 10, in the same formation as them. We were one vs one and when they came, we did not move. That hurt them, they tried to move us around. So they did everything to go wide. At one point, they were able to unlock that area and that is when they scored. But they were clearly annoyed because they thought that they could displace us in midfield, without succeeding to do so.”


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