Franck Ribéry on the 2013 Ballon D’Or: “I was robbed.”

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Canal Plus, Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribéry discussed the 2013 Ballon D’Or.

“The Ballon D’Or? (Sighing) that was also difficult. Impossible to understand. I won every trophy, and showed up every step of the way, for the national team and at club level. I was the top goalscorer and the assist leader for France for two years… I was clinical! I was at the top, but I couldn’t do anymore… It was a robbery for me. An injustice… I had the support of certain French people, but not my whole country behind me, simply put. With my own eyes, I saw French people, including coaches, that they would give it to Cristiano Ronaldo. Do you think that Portugal wanted Ribery or Messi to win it? Impossible. Do you think that Argentina wanted Ronaldo or Ribery to win it? Impossible. A lot of people in France wanted me to win it, but not everyone.”



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