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French Football Online Betting Strategies

Football is a game that is loved and played by many people around the world. Due to tot his fact, many online bookmakers are offering vast opportunities of winning big prizes from football betting. France is a respected country when it comes to football matters. It has produced some of the best players in the world. The availability of numerous sports betting sites has compelled punters to seek betting strategies to boost their chances of winning. In this blog post, we have compiled some of the top proven online football strategies. They are friendly to both novices and experienced gamblers.

Draw Bet Strategy

Our top recommended strategy is placing your bets on draw outcome. According to statistics, around 34% of football matches in on a draw. However, you need to carefully analyse every single team and players before you apply this strategy. The secret to scoring more with this technique is by betting on away matches. Most teams that play from home are best for draw bet according to football betting experts.

Bankroll Management Strategy

Since football betting involves real money, you need to know how to manage your funds before you get started. You need to come up with a plan on how much you will bet in every match. This skill will help you to know whether you are profiting or losing from your bets. The best way to manage your funds is by keeping a record of all your wins, losses, and deposits.

Accumulator Bet Strategy

The accumulator strategy involves combining some different bets of whole games and consolidate them into one single chance. The advantage thing of this strategy is that different odds of different legs are multiplied, and thus the combined odd is higher and bring about a substantial profit. Multibet can be played with all different types of bets like half-time.

Back and Lay Bet Strategy

Back bets are common kind of sports bets where you bet on a specific outcome of the game with Lay bets on the other side. In Lay bets, one is not on a particular result of the game, but you bet against it. By using Lay bet one can get a double chance bet. This strategy helps one to build a successful betting concept since he or she is essential to invest a little bit of time to understand the betting tips.

Half-time and Full-time Bet Strategy

This strategy helps one to bet on both the half-time results and the full-time results of the game. The only precondition of this bet is that the event has to be interrupted by a break. This strategy is seen as the best because even if you guess every third bet wrong, you will still gain money due to high odds of half-time and full-time bets.

The Double Chance Strategy

In this strategy, you can bet on two outcomes of the game but that the match you are betting on has three possible results like a win, draw and loss. The double chance strategy is always perfect for multi bets to push odds higher.

 Sure Bet Strategy

This strategy focuses on variable betting odds that vary from one bookmaker to another. One can benefit from the odds variation and place a bet safely without risk. For placing sure bets it is essential to have accounts on various betting sites and act quickly, sure bets are always useful to clear bonuses.

System Bet Strategy

This strategy is always well-established at every sport mostly football. It allows better to win without necessarily getting every game correct. The risk involved in this strategy is less compared to multi-bets. Through the system bet strategy, you can enhance an overall odd in the system.

The Last Minute Goal Strategy

With the Last Minute Goal strategy, you are provided with the chance to place your bets before the whistle is blown. The secret is behind this bet is the lesser the time, the higher the odds. Nonetheless, you need to do your calculations very well.

 The Bottom Line

Online football betting strategies are fundamental in any bettor’s journey. You will need them especially if you are in for big wins. Without applying betting strategies, the chances of losing your bankroll are high. Therefore, before staking your money on any game, you need to do in-depth research. Never bet based on your gut feeling or emotions. Moreover, you need to use legit bookmakers which are licensed.


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