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Habib Beye perceives victimisation against African footballers in the Ballon D’Or rankings

Speaking on Late Football Club last night, pundit Habib Beye decried a potential victimisation on the part of African footballers in the Ballon D’Or standings.

“I hate victimisation, I never want to take part in that, but what we can see from this Ballon D’Or is that from 5th to 30th, it is not really relevant. Seeing Sadio Mané, who was exceptional with Liverpool… I would’ve put him ahead of Sergio Agüero, Kevin de Bruyne. He scored 10 goals in the Champions’ League, one in the final, he was extraordinary. But behind Mohamed Salah. When I looked at Mohamed Salah, scoring 30 goals in the Premier League, 10 goals in the Champions’ League, who is exceptional, and yet I see him in 6th place… I think that if tomorrow he was called Salah-inho and there was Mane-inho… There is a lack of recognition… look at Eto’o never winning, Drogba, Yaya Touré. Maybe it’s because they do not succeed with their national teams, in relation to this international level. Firmino finished in front of Sadio Mané… You have to ask yourself the question (if it was because he is Brazilian).”


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