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How N’Golo Kanté blew off the TF1 Road to the World Cup documentary

Speaking to RMC Sport, Théo Schuster, the man responsible for the making of Les Bleus 2018, au coeur de l’épopée Russe, explained how difficult it was to get N’Golo Kanté to speak during their documentary.

“My aim at the beginning of the documentary (was to get more from Kanté). When we started, I told myself that we need to discover N’Golo Kanté. I think that we have not discovered him much yet. In the end it was not he who told us more about him, but the people around him. You understand N’Golo Kanté a little better, even if we would have liked to go further. I spent 15 minutes with him by prising the door of his room open with Blaise Matuidi, who I had asked to help me out.”

“We spoke for 15 minutes. “NG” is there and he says: “Don’t worry, relax, we will do it but not immediately, I need to call my brother.” As he knew that the documentary would only go out if we made it to the final, each time that I went to see him, he would say to me: “but we are not yet at the final.” He finessed me like that throughout the entire competition. The day after the final, when we are heading to Moscow airport, we are in the bus, we had not slept much, we were a bit tired. I get a tap on the shoulder, I turn around, NG says to me: “Here, I will give you my shorts (from the final).”


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