How to get the best odds for the 2018 World Cup

The entire football world will be watching the 32 national teams in the summer of 2018, waiting to see how the biggest event of the sports world will unravel. As a fan, you can enjoy the beautiful game even more by placing bets during the tournament. We’ve made a brief but very comprehensive guide to help you get the best odds for the World Cup 2018. With these tips, your World Cup experience will be even more exciting and memorable.

Know what You’re Betting On

Watching the game for fun and watching it when betting and analyzing are two very different things. It’s not just about which team won at the end of the day, but about understanding how the whole game went. Which team was lucky, which team had more chances, better possession and played better overall. When betting, you should keep all of the statistics and analytics nearby. Being well prepared and knowing the details will help you significantly when making your betting decisions.

Don’t Commit to the First Bookmaker

The betting business is a very competitive and oversaturated market. Because of this, many companies create bonus offers in order to entice players to pick them and play on their platform. No matter if it’s a free money bonus or a money back guarantee, the plan behind this offer is always the same. That’s why you, as the player, shouldn’t commit to the first website you see, no matter how good their offer looks. Instead, look through various offers and shop around a little bit. Apps and websites like Yesbets and Oddschecker can help you search through the sportsbooks with ease and find the odds that best suit you.

Explore All Betting Options

Though the most popular and conventional football bets are total, spread and moneyline the possibilities don’t stop there. You should explore betting options like parlay betting and prop betting. Parlay betting is getting increasingly popular, as it allows you to increase your potential payouts, while still playing on the same budget. Prop betting is not as popular as the aforementioned forms but can be a good way to win a little side money. Prop betting involves betting forms such as who will be the best scorer of the tournament, which team will get the most cards, corners, etc. During the World Cup, you can find a large number of props you can take advantage of.

Bet with your Head, not your Heart

The Fifa World Cup is the biggest sports manifestation in the world. The best national football teams represent their countries under the bright spotlight, with billions of viewers watching them. In an atmosphere like this, its really easy to get carried away and bet on your favourite team, not thinking objectively. This can lead to wrong decisions and could cost you a lot of money. Again, if you must bet on your team, find the best odds and play it smartly. You don’t have to bet on your teams every game.



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