Hugo Lloris: “What really is a howler?”

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe, Hugo Lloris was asked about whether he thinks he has had a difficult season.

“No I do not. It is true that there were 2 or 3 matches, like against Chelsea at the beginning of the season, or vs. Stoke where I conceded a goal after a bad decision or rushing in the wrong way. I was a bit unlucky too, that is part of the game. Aside from that, you have to look at other matches too. Look at the game against Manchester United, Arsenal, Real Madrid home and away, Dortmund… you can say whatever you want if you look at isolated images.”

“In any case, when a goalkeeper makes a mistake, it becomes a howler. But what really is a howler? An error in understanding, yes, but a howler, that makes it sound like other things. That is football today… In fact, I don’t even want to… I don’t care, there you have it. After a game, I know exactly what I did well, and what I could have done better.”


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