Jeff Reine-Adelaïde: “Angers were the only side that I was told was interested in me… I had to come here.”

Jeff Reine-Adelaïde hopes to get as much playing time as possible before returning to Arsenal, following his arrival to Angers on loan till the end of the season. At 20 years old, the central midfielder will earn his first professional experience, two and a half years after leaving Lens for the Gunners. Over two seasons of injuries which he has not been spared from. He gave RMC Sport his initial impressions on becoming an Angers SCO player.

The loan took a while to finalise, you must relieved!

Indeed, it was long. I was informed of Angers’ interest over a week ago. I am very happy to arrive and help the club to stay up, and maybe go even higher. The talks with the coach Stéphane Moulin and the sporting director Olivier Pickeu reassured me. I know I am joining a good club which will help me progress during these next six months. I was informed of Angers’ interest only, which shows that I had to come here.

Were you guaranteed playing time?

No the coach was very clear with me. He said, “You are an additional element to our squad, you have to be good in practice to earn your spot.” I am not worried. On the contrary, I want to pay back the trust they’ve placed in me. It’s important for me.

What did Arsenal, but more specifically Arsène Wenger, tell you before your departure?

Firstly, he accepted that I go on loan. He asked that I work hard there, to listen well and to come back stronger and more mature. I know a lot of people think that I shouldn’t have gone so early to Arsenal, but I don’t regret it. Arsène Wenger has given me first team opportunities, but then I had my injuries. He then helped me come back. In that respect, I really want to thank him.

Did he give you specific instructions on things to work on during this six month period?

He said I need to work on my statistics in terms of decisiveness. It is important to be clinical and to make your team win. I also need to improve on the tactical side of things, which is why Angers is a good fit. They have a different style of play to Arsenal, which will help me develop that side of things.



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